Brilliant Dayligt…Inside!

Add value and light to your home or business with a Tubular Skylight!
Bring natural light where never thought possible Do you wish your home was brighter or turn on lights in the day? If that’s the case, then a new skylight can be your solution. Exposure to sunlight significantly influences mood, motivation, and productivity. By reducing artificial light in your home you can maximize comfort and reduce energy costs. Best of all Tubular Skylights are customizable to your desired application – by adding vent or light kits.
Create a positive environment
Sunlight enters a clear dome and travels through a reflective tube and into your home. You’ll enjoy almost no color distortions as your home is filled with natural sunlight. Many great benefits and features of a tubular skylight include:
• Multiple sizes to choose from
• Easy, mess-free installation
• Waterproof
• Improved air quality
• Maintenance free
• Affordable
Tubular skylights are small, so they fit in areas of your home where traditional skylights don’t. The best part is they still give even more light as large skylights.
Save money on your electric bill!!
Using natural light in the form of a tubular skylight will help you save money by lowering your electric bills. It does this by reducing your need for electric light. A tubular skylight also has a high insulation factor.
After just a few weeks of use, you should start seeing positive changes in your energy and light costs.


What is a Tubular Skylight?

A tubular skylight brings natural light into almost any dark area. Sunlight comes through the clear dome on your roof, is reflected down the mirror-like metal tube to ceiling diffuser which is then dispersed evenly throughout a room.

Why a Tubular Skylight?
  • Provides soft natural light from dusk till dawn.
  • No condensation or leaks, guaranteed!
  • No major structural changes, drywall finishes nor paint touchups required.
  • Limited lifetime warranty agains manufacturers defects corrosion, rust, deterioration, fading and leakage on all components.
  • Cost effective
  • Virtually no heat transfer
Where can I install a tubular skylight?

A tubular skylight can be installed in almost any room. Common applications include: bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, great rooms, closets and dens.

What size skylight will I need?

Eco Roofing will measure your desired space and provide you with the size and number of skylights you will need for optimum daylighting.